Vicki & Chloe Skydive for Little Havens 25th October 2018

Vicki and I set ourselves the goal and challenge to raise a minimum of £2,000 for Little Havens Hospice by doing a Sky Dive. As the days draw closer and closer to Saturday 18th August it was clear the both of us were extremely nervous however also very excited that we both will be ticking something off our bucket list.


We travelled 2 hours to the Sky Dive site in Beccles, we were given a detailed briefing of what would happen during the skydive and how to position ourselves whilst falling 13,000ft. We were then introduced to our instructors who we would be diving with. Once we were in our suits and had our helmet and goggles it was time to wait to go up in the plane.


After a nerve wrecking 30 minute wait it was mine and Vicki’s time to get in the plane ready to jump. The 15 minute ascend to the right height seemed to take a very long time and our nerves were at their highest. Once we reached the right height the doors were opened and the jumping began. Vicki was second to last to jump and I was the last one. When we were hanging out the plane and the countdown had begun it was the most surreal experience and before we knew it we were free falling 5,000ft reaching a speed of 120 mph. The parachute was then opened and the descent to the landing point took around 8 minutes and for myself this was the most enjoyable moment. Having the instructor spin us around, taking in the view and the fact I had just jumped out of a plane at 13,000ft.


Both Vicki and I are extremely proud of ourselves and each other for not only doing a Sky Dive but also hitting and exceeding our target of £2,000. We raised a total of £2,070 for an amazing charity.


We both would highly recommend anyone to do a sky dive but be prepared to do a lot of screaming!