The Success Team in Iceland! 14th February 2018

This year has been an amazing year and what better way to celebrate the team’s hard work than a trip to Iceland!

As one of the lucky ones who was able to experience this trip, I wanted to share our adventure after this exciting experience!

Vicki, Sam, Josh, Chloe and I (Danielle) all set off on Thursday afternoon all wrapped up ready for the trip of a lifetime!

After a nice and relaxing flight (although not for Josh who hates flying) the team arrived in a chilly Reykjavik around 6:30pm and we set off to our apartment! After deciding rooms, the first night’s adventure was underway. Walking through the city centre we noticed that whale and puffin seemed to be a hot choice on the menu, although I think we had all instantly decided we would not be trying that this holiday!

Drinks flowed and food was devoured, so an early night for us all was definitely needed; especially when the next day promised to be extremely busy and exciting.

On Friday morning, we were up at the crack of dawn (although in Reykjavik the sun doesn’t rise until 10:30am in winter!).

Starting off in the centre of the city for the Classic Golden Circle Tour we were shown the sights and given interesting facts along the way.

Did you know? Around 85% of Iceland’s electricity and heating comes from hydroelectric power and geothermal water!

We started off in Thingvellir National Park and were presented with a beautiful landscape resembling the Game of Thrones! We walked amongst the tourists, taking picture after picture, before going back onto the coach for the next part of the tour.

Arriving at Gullfoss waterfall, I had definitely began to feel the coldnand I think it was safe to say everyone had too! Gullfoss is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland and Gullfoss translated means “Golden Falls” although you definitely would not want to fall in there!!!

Moving on to the next attraction, we were taken to a mystical part of Iceland where the natural water reaches up to 100 degrees and the water erupts every 3 to 7 minutes!

The faint (VERY STRONG) smell of egg wafted through the air during each water outburst! The water smells due to the hot and cold water coming from two different sources; the hot water smells of sulphur, which is due to its geothermal origins! After braving the cold and the smell, we finished our tour and headed back to the bus to journey back into the city!

It was a quick rush back to the apartment to layer up even more as the Northern Lights tour awaited!! We chose to stand at the very front of the boat (the bow) where the winds were strong and blew directly towards us, BUT this was a sight not to be missed!

After an hour on the boat and travelling directly into darkness, we saw a magical light appear in the sky! With hints of white and green I had to rub my eyes to make sure that it wasn’t just a light cloud, but it wasn’t, it was the Aurora Borealis! To the naked eye the colours weren’t as strong but through Sam’s camera lens the emerald green shone through!!

This was something that all of the team had been waiting to see and the smiles across everyone’s face was proof that the freezing boat trip and a bit of sea sickness had definitely been worth it! This was something that was on my bucket list and to say that I have been lucky enough to see them is AMAZING!

The last day quickly approached and the final trip of the holiday was most definitely going to be something different. The Blue Lagoon. The moment the not so faint smell of egg returned, we knew we were close!

We collected towels and swimming shorts (Josh) – the team really had no idea how cold this part of the day would be!

The blue lagoon water was very hot, however, our faces were FROZEN.

Having to battle through to get to the bar, the winds hailed towards us, however we were determined to reach the swim up bar! Especially the boys!

After a glass of prosecco and a beer, a face mask was next on the agenda"

Vicki and I decided to be brave and run over the bridge to get my camera from inside. I look back now and remember how the staff were dressed ready for the winter…we clearly hadn’t thought our plan through!

Luckily none of us froze (although I had been close a few times) and after a relaxing spa experience it was time to head back to the airport!

After another quick and easy flight, Success Recruit arrived back in Stansted after an unforgettable trip!

It was a well-deserved trip and I know as a team we will continue to strive to reach and exceed higher and harder goals in the future! This is only the first trip of many for us at Success Recruit!

SUCCESS is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, LOVE of what you are doing.” – Pele

Chloe & Josh – Going to Iceland with the team was a once in a lifetime experience and an amazing way to celebrate our hard work. Witnessing the Northern Lights, touring the mountains and visiting the Blue Lagoon Spa was an excellent way to bond with the team outside of the office. We will cherish this memory forever and we can’t wait to create even more memories!