Success in Education 14th February 2018

We were invited to take part in their excellent program aimed at helping school children prepare for the real life job application process.

On Tuesday we were at Basildon Sporting Village as part of a panel of judges who were presented with the children’s ideas for their very own recruitment companies. Two groups of year 9s presented a recruitment company too us and we have to say we were very impressed!

The first group pitched us ‘Professions’; a specialist Law industry recruiter that boasted a 98.6% success rate for placing candidates in the right career. We are very proud of our service at Success Recruit but can’t compete with that kind of accuracy!

The second company was ‘Go For Gold’; a universal football scouting agency that recruited for football clubs and associations worldwide, everything from star footballers, Eden Hazard is a client, to referees and physios. It was a really ambitious and exciting take on a recruitment company and we had better watch out as they are “100% better than their rivals”!

It was really interesting to see first-hand how these children thought about their companies and there were some really well thought out ideas. Judging was not easy but the Professions team just about edged the award for the best presentation, the logo of a Giraffe wearing a judge’s wig did it for us!

On Wednesday we were invited to Newhall School and asked to interview the children who were taking part in a mock application process.

Newhall School in itself is most impressive and the children equally so. We were asked to interview year 12s who were aged 16 and 17 but had we not known this we would have assumed they were 30! They really were very mature and rounded individuals and the answers they gave were extremely impressive.

The benefits of the Enterprise in Education scheme was very clear as each of the children we interviewed were well prepared and had a clear idea of the career they wanted. It was only a mock interview process but some of the children were very close to being offered a position with Success Recruit by the end of it!

We found it a very rewarding process and look forward to being further involved.