Success in Berlin! 14th February 2018

Well this year has definitely been another amazing year for the team at Success Recruit! After our last successful trip to Iceland, we successfully hit our next goal and as a team travelled to Berlin!!

After experiencing the blistering cold winds of Iceland last year, we were ready for anything! Luckily this year we experienced a warm, sunny and bright two days in Berlin.

So, the team; Vicki, Sam, Josh, Dani (me) and Chloe all set off to gain another stamp on the passport!

With another early morning, we were ready to go! The flight to Berlin is very quick and after a quick nap on the plane we had arrived within an hour and 10 minutes!!

After a very smooth and quick start to the holiday we soon ran into difficulties when it came to finding the apartment!! After an hour of pacing down the street we finally came to the conclusion we were outside the right place, now, we just needed to get in! After many attempts of using the code given to us by our landlord for the weekend and a possible one or two hours later we were finally in!

The first day consisted of touring around the city centre travelling via the very confusing but efficient U-Bahn. We explored the sites that Berlin has to offer but first we all needed a drink!! Now a German beer doesn’t just come in pints, oh no, it comes in 1ltr and 2ltr glasses as well!

Our first historical sighting was the Bradenburg Gate! An amazing piece of architecture, it felt like we had travelled back in time to the Roman empire. After walking 17,056 steps on the first day (thank you step counter) we decided another drink was in order.

We had our first experience of a German bar/club and ventured into ‘Pirates Berlin’, after one, two, three, four, etc, many drinks later we felt that an early (morning) night was the best decision for the team.

One of the best parts of the whole trip was visiting the East Side Gallery, it was amazing to see the Berlin Wall, it was a surreal feeling to witness how life was and how it has rapidly changed in such a small period of time. To top it off to view all of the fantastic, colourful and bright paintings and drawings on the wall was also incredible, the intricate details of these skilled artists was breath-taking.

We also went to the TV Tower for a drink on the Sunday which is the tallest building in Europe, with a rotating floor! (We also googled this fact to make sure it was correct) This gave us a full 360 view of Berlin city, with another refreshing drink being served as we gazed into the horizon.

It was a trip filled with laughter, great food, weather and company and we all couldn’t have asked for a better trip!

We are already planning our next goal and as a team we are striving to always achieve better!!

Until the next time!!