Sky High Service! 14th February 2018

Back in November Success Recruit had a Sky High Service! We travelled to Iceland as a reward for hitting our quarterly team incentive! This was an amazing trip and such a fantastic way for our team to continue to build great memories and for us to all to aim for even better in the next quarter!

We flew with Easy Jet when we travelled to Iceland and on our journey home we witnessed an amazing level of service. We flew around 18:30pm GMT on Sunday 27th November 2016 from Reykjavik, to London Stansted all sitting in the 2nd row. During our flight an elderly passenger on the front row fell ill and the amazing cabin crew at Easy Jet gave such an incredible service we wanted to commend them!

Being sat directly behind the passenger we were aware of what was happening, however because of the patience and professionalism of the cabin crew this meant that no one else on the plane needed to be alarmed. Acting as a positive beam of light, one member of staff stayed with the passenger and their partner throughout the course of the journey and reassured them that everything was going to be ok. Once they had returned to better health, the Easy Jet staff ensured that they felt comfortable and calm continuing to spend time with them getting to know them making sure that they felt relaxed for the remainder of the journey! It was lovely to see how compassionate the cabin crew were and I don’t feel that they are often recognised for the level of service they give, especially in a time of need!

Another level of service that I have recently received was on my amazing trip to Thailand flying with Emirates! We had many connecting flights during this trip, flying from Heathrow to Dubai and then Dubai to Bangkok; we then had to do exactly the same on the way home! Now I am not an anxious flyer however the thought of 6 flights (we even had 2 connecting internal flights) did make me feel slightly uneasy!

However, each flight with Emirates was such a great experience, the level of service they gave to each and every customer was on another level! After multiple flights and 6hours in the air and flying over various time zones and feeling very tired, the level of service never changed.

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it”