Chloe Joins The Success Team! 14th February 2018

Welcome to the team Chloe! How has your experience been working at Success Recruit so far?

It has been fantastic, the whole team are so friendly and everyone gets along so well which makes the work environment so positive. I have had support from the moment I walked in which has been very helpful.

What made you want to work in recruitment?

I studied Business Studies at school and I really enjoyed learning about business structures, the recruitment process and how to make your business better. I know a few people in recruitment and when they described what it was like, I fell in love with the idea. I have worked in recruitment for a year specialising in medical so am enjoying working in the commercial sector now and learning about different industries.

What made you join Success Recruit?

The values of the company. There is nothing better than working for a company that wants to make a positive change to how recruitment is perceived.

What qualities do you think you will bring to the team?

Enthusiasm, hard work and organisation. Everyone who works at Success all have similar qualities.

What do you think you will find most challenging?

When I am given the opportunity to do sales calls I think I will find it challenging at the start but I know I will get full support which will help with my confidence.

Has the team mascot Holly got her eye on anything in your lunch box?

The sausage rolls I get from Greggs!!

Lastly, could you tell us something unusual about yourself…

I used to compete as a cheerleader and I would really enjoy being thrown into the air.