About Success Recruit 27th February 2018

Thank you for coming to find out more about Success Recruit! 

We believe that success is in helping others and we are fortunate that our job involves doing that every day.  

Our team's focus is to do that job to the very best of our ability every day.  Whether that is helping our clients find great people for their teams and solving their business problems or by helping someone find their dream job; that is what we do. 

Our story started in a traditional recruitment agency that employed many of the tactics and bad practices that we feel blight our industry.  Vicki Edwards worked in that environment for around 2 years and during this period realised that the only people that were being served by these tactics were the owners of the business. 

Vicki wanted something better and started Success Recruit as a way of achieving this. 

Since Success Recruit began the people that we have worked with have been put first.  The proof of this is shown on our social media pages and the reviews we have but the results are in business across Essex.  We have helped hundreds of businesses by listening to what they say, hearing what they need and by working hard to provide a solution to them. 

We are growing as a business and finding new ways to help people all the time.  

Our team works incredibly hard not only to help our clients and jobseekers but also to improve Success Recruit and grow as a team.  We will never stop growing and working to be better. 

One of our goals is to leave the recruitment industry in a better state than we found it.  We want to raise the standard of the industry so that we can be proud to call ourselves Recruitment Consultants.  Our role in the business world is incredibly important; great people make great companies and we are a crucial part of that.

We view recruitment differently at Success Recruit.  

We do not pay our team members commission.  Our experience is that it creates an environment where people focus on money and not what is most important to the people we work with.  Removing commission payments alllowed us to focus all of our energies on helping clients, developing our service and sharpening our skills. 

Success Recruit is a uniquely rewarding environment for our team.   

We work together to achieve team goals and are rewarded as a team.  We offer our team the chance to travel together, learn together and to face challenges together.  

At Success Recruit it is All About The Team.

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