3 Steps To Help You Hire Based on Values 6th September 2018

It is commonly accepted that you should hire on values and train skills if necessary. It is far better to have someone with the right attitude, personality and character that you can mould than to have the opposite.

Hiring on values is very difficult and the truth is we do get it wrong sometimes. Here are 3 simple steps you must take to ensure you are doing all you can to hire based on values.

1.       Know your own values

It is vitally important that your business has a set of core values.

It is also vitally important that these are the actual values of the business and not a set of buzz words that sound great. In truth understanding the values of your business can and should take time. You should invest time and get key people involved in determining what they are.

To find the right person, you need to know what you are looking for! Time invested in being as clear as possible on your businesses core values will save you a fortune in the long-run.

2.       Write a list of questions that must be asked of all applicants

Human’s make their minds up incredibly quickly, before we even realise it in most cases.

This behaviour contributes to those interviews where we instantly like someone and then spend the next 45 minutes having a chat because we have already made up our minds to hire them.

We cannot do anything about this behaviour, it is human nature.

A predetermined list of questions that MUST be asked is our best defence against this behaviour.

Okay, so we like them and we get the “right feel” but that does not mean we will not do our due diligence. We will continue to ask all the value related questions until we have challenged our initial beliefs and given ourselves the best chance of making a great decision.

Bonus tip: dig deep. And then dig deeper still!

3.       Know what the right answers are before you start

Think about it, when it comes to skills and experience you know exactly what the right answers are before you begin interviewing. You can easily determine whether this person has demonstrated their experience in the career history.

Values are more difficult.

To give ourselves more structure, we should decide what answers we are looking for when we ask the values questions. And, the answers that will give us a red flag.

If we do this we are less reliant on instincts and we are, again, more able to challenge that initial gut feeling that could easily be wrong.

Hiring based on values is the right thing to do so it is worth continually reviewing your hiring process to improve your decision making. We always recommend at least 2 people are involved in an interview process so be sure everyone is on the same page before you begin.

If you want to read more about writing great interview questions or how to set up a watertight hiring process, take a look at our e-book here.  Its free to download and contains some great content!