5 Ways To Make Sure Your Employees Feel Valued 5th March 2018

1.       Deliver praise frequently

Everybody loves to be praised! It does not matter what position they are in or what job they do, they will enjoy the feeling that they are doing a good job.

When people are praised for doing something well they are more likely to want to do it well again, which leads to further praise and a positive upward spiral.

Sadly praise is lacking in most work places and the only time people receive feedback is when it is negative. Of course negative feedback is part of life and can be essential to improvement but if all feedback is negative, especially in the form of criticism, people will eventually shy away from it.

A sure fire way of destroying morale and building a culture of hiding mistakes.

2.       Make sure everyone knows the mission

Every company has a goal, but do the team know in crystal clear terms what it is?

When we are part of a mission we are part of something bigger. There is the famous story about the time President John F. Kennedy, on a tour of the NASA space centre, asked a janitor what he was doing.

His response? “Well, Mr. President, I am helping put a man on the moon”.

What is your team’s equivalent of putting a man on the moon?  

A mission inspires people to try and achieve more and guides people in their choices. It does not have to be putting a man on the moon but it does need to be something that will pull everyone together.

3.       Make your expectations clear

People have to know when they have had a good day.

Also, you need to know that what they think is a good day is actually a good day!

There is not much more destabilising than thinking you have had a good day, only to be quizzed by your manager as to why you have not done what you were supposed to do. Everyone needs to know for certain what the expectations of them are.

Clear expectations do not limit us, they give us the boundaries within which we can flourish.

4.       Give people space

Once people know what is expected of them, allow them to do their job without unnecessary supervision.

When people have autonomy to get the best results their way, they are more likely to feel empowered and seek better ways of performing. When restricted they will feel resentment and spend more time frustrated than working productively.

Get out of their way.

5.       Pay them enough!

People should be paid based on their value to the business.

It never fails to amaze me how often someone’s current employer instantly counter offers a new offer of employment with a higher salary.

In this scenario the current employer has willingly paid their member of staff less than they were worth. This is unfair.

If people are paid what they are worth to your business you can be very confident that they will not be able to move to a competitor for more money and that your business is getting value for money.

The goal is not to pay them more than they are worth; so if they go to a competitor for more money, realistically you should be helping them pack their bags!

If you have enjoyed this article I would heartily recommend the book Drive by Daniel Pink, which explores the science of human motivation. The time pressed can watch a 10 minute clip on Youtube, which neatly summarises the book.

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