Recruitment Tips: 5 Keys To An Inspiring Job Advert 5th March 2018

The key word, inspiring!

Think of your job advertisement as a form of marketing. It must do something to stir the reader and entice them to take action.

Practically every job advert you will see starts with something boring and continues with something even more boring! You would not advertise your product in a boring way, so don’t advertise your jobs in a boring way either!  

The reality is that no one has ever made up their mind about a job from the advert alone.

The purpose of a job advert is to get great people to apply. You need enough information to ensure you are attracting the right people for the right reason, no more than that.

So where do you start?  

1.       Advertise your company and why it is a great place to work for

Not only is this a great place to start but it will make sure that first and foremost you are attracting people that would love to work for a company like yours.

What makes your company special? What are the core values that you and your people have? What is your mission? Who are your people? What makes them special?

If you can neatly summarise your company in around 250 words you will start your advert at an emotional level that will be sure to grab people’s attention and hold it.

Tip: get a copywriter to read it. This part of the advert can be used for multiple adverts, so get it perfect.

2.       Why are you recruiting?

You want to attract people that want to be a part of your journey so you need to tell them what that journey is!

There is no right or wrong answer here. Whether you are recruiting a sales superstar for a brand new exciting division in Dubai or for maternity cover in the local area, your reason is the truth.

People want jobs for all kinds of reasons and you need to be sure you are attracting the people that want your job for the right reason.

Getting the right person in for the right job is the most rewarding result in the long-run.

3.       Tell the people what you need. In no uncertain terms.

So far you have sold the company and the journey the successful person will go through; now you are appealing to those that are made of the right stuff.             

What do you need?

If you have followed our Success formula you have defined what great looks like to your business, this part of the advert should include those points.

Place emphasis on the most important traits that people need to have and make it clear in plain English that they will have to demonstrate this at interview. If they are not made of the right stuff this part of the advertisement should put them off.

In the same way as your marketing campaign for your products is bringing you qualified buyers, your job advert should be bringing you qualified applicants.

4.       Apply here

Apply a filter.

Simply sending a CV is easy, generic and safe. If you ask candidates to apply with their CV and no other supporting information you are not placing any onus on them to make a real effort.

You deserve good quality applications from people that have taken time to put some thought and preparation into their submission!

Try something like; send applications to [email protected] along with a 500 word covering letter telling us why you want to join our team.

Being creative will give you another opportunity to display your company’s personality and ensure you have enough information to begin the filtering process without the need for excess numbers of interviews.

An online application form with some key questions would be a great way of starting the vetting process with minimal need for human interaction. If you are tech savvy this could pop up when they click apply!

5.       The job spec

The job specification is a very important part of the application process but it should not be on the advert. Mercedes does not include a full specification of their cars and the full cost of all the add-ons on their adverts, they just show you the good bit!

Make it clear that a full job specification will be sent prior to any interview but there is no reason to include everything at this stage. People’s attention spans are not long enough anyway, so keep the advert as an advert, they can read the small print later! 

You can read how to create a stunning job specification here.

Simplicity and creativity are the keys to a great job advert. You are aiming to engage emotionally with prospective candidates and get them really interested in the opportunity. There will be plenty of time for them to learn more about your company during the interview phase, so do not overcomplicate at this stage.

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