5 Steps in Preparation That Will Improve Hiring Results 28th May 2018

As is true of performance in any area, preparation is key to genuine success. 

At Success Recruit we have helped many clients recruit for their teams to varying degrees of success.  The common thread running through all successful hires is a detailed level of preparation that produces a clear picture of the perfect candidate.  

Here are the 5 key areas that you must address before you begin looking for candidates:

1.       Decide on the essential criteria; what skills, experience and values are critical for the role.  Once these are decided do not deviate, no matter how much you might like the person you are interviewing.

2.       Decide on the non-essential but desirable criteria. Rank these criteria in 2 or 3 categories so their importance is agreed upon early.

3.       Develop a list of questions that must be asked under all circumstances.

4.       Map out your decision process.  Following this process will ensure you avoid a power struggle at a critical phase.

5.       Steel yourself against accepting the best of the bunch.  Make the decision that you will not stop looking until the right person is found.

In business a water tight process that is consistently reviewed will give us our best results in the long term. A hiring process is no different.

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