Why Faking At Interview Can Only Lead To Disaster 5th March 2018

When people attend interviews they are trying to get a job so it is understandable that little half-truths and exaggerations find their way into their answers.

You want to present your best self, right? 

But, there is a big difference between your best self and something which is not true!

What is the worst that can happen? The interviewer calls your bluff and you don’t get the job?

No! The worst thing that can happen is that you get the job!

What happens when someone fakes their way to a job that is not really suitable for them?     

The short answer is that eventually it shows. 

 Either they don’t like the job and are forced to leave or their new employer finds out and they are forced to leave.

There is nothing that will limit your career and earnings potential like making bad choices. If you spend anything less than a year in a company you are unlikely to make much career progression or attain a promotion. So when you start a new job search you do so from a similar position to when you started the current job a year ago.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to be certain about a job until you are doing it so bad choices are inevitable. One or two bad choices might not make a massive impact but more than that will start to show you in a negative light when applying for new positions.

(We explore the cost of job hopping in more detail here.)

The worst thing you can do at interview is adopt an “I must get the job at all costs mentality”. Your interview is a great chance for you to find out if the job is actually right for you.

Present your true self at interview and look for the company that wants that, it will be a tougher challenge but in the long-run you win.

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