How to Answer The Most Important Interview Question 5th March 2018

The number one most important question in an interview:

Why do you want to work here?

If you give a bad answer to this question you will not get the job regardless of your skills and experiences.

The reason? It shows that you do not care.

If you cannot answer this question properly it shows that you have not put thought into why this would be a good company to work for and a good opportunity for you.

Why would a company give someone a job that had not put any thought into why they want to work there?

Fortunately this is an easy question to answer if you prepare properly!

Here are 3 things you can do to prepare for this question:

1.       Read about the company online. Check their website, their articles, their employee’s Linked-in profiles and anything else you might find relevant.

2.       Identify what it is about that company that you really like. Maybe they have a great team environment or a culture of success that makes them stand out as a great company.

3.       Prepare your answer. 99% of interview processes are going to have this question involved so why not prepare your answer now? Be sure to include the key things you like about them.

All employers are looking for people that want to join their teams for positive reasons so it is really important you show enthusiasm towards their company.

If you cannot think of a great reason to work for this company, don’t work for them! There is no trick here, you will only trick yourself if you make up a false reason.

If you give a great answer to this question you can make the interviewer think positively towards you so preparing for this one really is worth it.

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