Job Search Tips: 5 Things That Mark Out a Great Job Applicant 5th March 2018

1.       Staying Power

We explored the impact of staying power in a story here and it cannot be overstated how important it is to be able to demonstrate a consistent career history; especially for senior level positions.

Employers invest a lot of time and money in their staff and won’t want to make that investment if they fear you will leave after 18 months.

If your CV shows that you have a good solid track record of staying with an employer for a considerable length of time you will get your first tick from potential employers.

2.       Clarity

Employers love people that are clear about what they want.

Speaking to an applicant that can tell you clearly what they are looking for in a company and a job is reassuring and makes decisions easier. Someone that is clear about what they want is likely to stay with the company longer (assuming that the company provides what they want).

When someone is not clear about that they want it does not inspire confidence.

As part of our Dream Career Project we developed an exercise that will help you get clear about what you want in your career. You can access it here.

3.       Preparation

It follows that people that are clear about what they want are also well prepared candidates.

Well prepared candidates generally perform well at interview stage because they have a clear picture in their mind of how they want things to go. They research the company and the people that will interview them, they know how they will answer certain questions and the questions that they will ask themselves.

Good preparation demonstrates commitment to the opportunity and shows employers a sense of control and professionalism.

4.       Honesty

This does not mean not lying!

In a sense it means showing your human side during an interview. Employers are not expecting you to be perfect and they are not looking to “trip you up”. They are looking at your weaknesses but more than that they are looking at how you respond to the challenges they present.    

A good honest discussion about how you deal with a certain weakness gets the conversation on an emotional level and allows them to really connect with you.

If you choose to gloss over something (i.e. being dishonest!) you are missing the opportunity to make that connection.

5.       Gratitude

Repeat after me “Thank you for the opportunity, I enjoyed meeting with you today”.

Employers are giving up their time to interview you and they are people too. The least you can do is thank them, it will go a long way.

In reality most people are grateful but some get caught up in the moment and forget to properly thank the interviewers. A simple but potentially costly mistake to make, don’t make it!

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