3 Simple and Powerful Ways to Make Your Company Love You 5th March 2018

1.       Ask them what you can do better

 Addressing someone‚Äôs weaknesses is difficult for many people so make it easy for them by giving them the opportunity to provide feedback without them having to feel like they are moaning.

As long as you are prepared to receive (and act upon) some feedback this is a great way to show your company that you are looking to improve.

2.       Proactively seek extra responsibility

Ask if there is anything else you can do or anyone else you can help.   Show your company that you are on their team and that you want to help them if you can.

You might not always be able to help but if you show a willingness to pitch in where you can your company and your team will know you can be relied upon.

3.       Go the extra 10% 

The difference between a good employee and a great employee often lies in the extra 10%.

It really is as simple as arriving early, leaving late and putting in the extra effort every day.

A good employee arrives on time, does what is expected of them and leaves at the end of the day. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is what they are paid to do.

A great employee arrives early to start the day, spends their day looking for opportunities to make a great contribution and leaves when the work is complete. This is the type of behaviour that makes people indispensable to a company and guarantees promotions and pay increases in the long run.

We said they were simple ways, not easy ways!

Successful people look for ways to make themselves valuable and contribute as much as they can.  

This is what makes their company love them.

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